We Are Dreamers.
They call it the American Dream for a reason.

People come from all over the world to America to find success. We are dreamers, we are doers and we know how to build things that last. If you have the right opportunity and a big enough dream, nothing is impossible here
A Global Vision

With our new world headquarters in the United States, Sanki Global has a vision that will spread around the world. We are a company founded by entrepreneurs and built on Japanese nanotechnology and natural European ingredients.
Stand Out Products

Our products, Kronuit and Belage, are backed by years of scientific research to help detoxify the body, bring it into homeostasis and reduce blood sugar levels resulting in losses of dangerous visceral fat deposits on the body and vital organs.
Money Today

With cutting edge business tools and training, you will be rewarded for spreading the Sanki Global vision. With generous bonuses, commissions and car allowances, you can make your dreams a reality.
When you combine our truly innovated products with a simple but lucrative compensation plan, we can have real success even in difficult economic times.

- Raúl P.
Sanki has touched my life with the vision of a global opportunity for those who are willing to make a difference in other people's lives. Thank you Sanki!

- Raquel S.
It's time to start dreaming again. Join the Sanki family.
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